Online Businesses That Enable the Lower Classes

people can make money online nowadaysIn today’s world, if you own a computer and have access to the internet, there are a million different ways you can earn money. This has allowed for people from all walks of life, including those considered to be in the lower class, the opportunity to overcome barriers and have an income that is based on how hard they are willing to work.

It seems like every day there is a new affiliate marketing program opening up that lets those with a limited income make money by selling someone else’s product. Completely commission based, you can find many of these types of programs that do not ask for money up front. Instead, you are paid a percentage every time you get someone new interested in product or service. For people who have the time to spend hyping a product’s worth, and building an online network, this can be very advantageous.

Businesses are still interested in what consumers think and how they view their products. The internet has opened up a new door for them to solicit feedback. Online survey sites like CashCrate and SwagBucks, or even iSay by Ipsos compile surveys from companies all around the world and then pay people to take them. This could be in cash payments, points towards gifts or even free samples of the product. All the user has to do is answer some questions and they are paid. This is probably one the easiest ways I have come across for someone to make money while being online.

Those in the lower financial classes can also find success in freelancing, if they have a sought after skill. Web page designers, content creators and even blog contributors are all payable skills that can be offered through freelancing sites. Freelancing sites allow for people to create a profile online and search for jobs that meet their skills. You are paid through the site, which takes a percentage of your earnings. For someone who with a lot of free time, there is a big opportunity to make money here.

If you have an intriguing life, or just a lot to say, you can also make some money just by blogging. When you go to a bloggers site, it is not unusual to find that it is connected to a donation site. If you are able to think of a subject that is relatable to a large group of people, and can write about it consistently, you can generate a small income just on donations.

I have to wonder about the accuracy of unemployment reports when looking at the number of online opportunities there are (though maybe people are just spending too much time protesting to work, even online…). While they may be indicative of the number of people who do not have a steady income out in the work force, they are not accounting for the hundreds of thousands who are managing to make money online.

For those considering starting a career, or even just supplementing income, online make sure that you choose well established and reputable sites. For example, online survey sites like SwagBucks and CashCrate have good review ratings. These are the types of sites you should stick to if you want to ensure a steady flow of money from your online ventures.