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Hello and welcome to Flip Congress 2010! I am Sam Sparks and I’m glad that you made it to my about page. I am currently residing here in Montana. I am a freelance marketing consultant. I love cooking and writing blog posts as my hobby and I also created this website as a result of it.

I loved writing different content since I was a kid and I dreamt of being a full time writer. I joined several writing contents before and I have tried being a member of my schools newspaper team. Until today, I still love writing and blogging. That’s why I created this website: Flip Congress 2010 and it’s now my center of attention.

If you’re looking to read about politics, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be writing contents about politics, history of politics, what is politics and basically everything related to politics. If you’re a political science student, you might find this website very useful or maybe not, especially if you’re a top of your class. But still, you can read on.

Most of the time, I’ll cover current events in politics along with facts and figures. You’ll be able to gather up-to-date information about everything politics. You will also be able to read my personal opinion about a certain topic, be it current events or historical figure. Hopefully, you’ll find my website useful.

I wish that you’ll be able to enjoy reading my website and that you’ll learn more about politics.


Yours truly,
Sam Sparks